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"E-QUICKTIPS" is a free informational resource for older adults, caregivers, people with disabilities, veterans and their families, delivered twice a month via e-mail. Please feel free to share it with employees, colleagues, clients, and friends through list serves, newsletters, bulletin boards, or your own personal address book. You can even add your own branding, logo, or company name, referencing VirginiaNavigator as the source. 

Example of an E-QUICKTIP

As the temperature rises, so does the risk of heat-related illnesses in older adults. Their skin circulation is not as effective and they perspire less, leaving them more vulnerable in the heat and humidity. To learn more about the symptoms and preventative measures of illnesses caused by heat, click on the following link:http://www.VirginiaNavigator.org/article/13109/hyperthermia-hot-weather-hazard

Dominion Energy and the Virginia Division for the Aging are working together to provide fans to assist elderly Virginians who need help cooling their homes this summer. Visit http://VirginiaNavigator.org/.../free-cooling-equipment-and-fan-care-program to find out how to take advantage of this program. 


Please pass along any suggestions you may have to our team with an email to:info@virginianavigator.org


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